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Pop-up 1 - Hotel Endsleigh, Devon

October 2018

Pop-up 2 - Hotel Endsleigh, Devon

October 2016

This is a very limited edition silk screen print made specially for “Drawn to the Valley” 2018. It is hand printed on hot pressed 100% cotton paper, hand finished in water-colour and ink, individually numbered and signed. There are only 12 prints and the colours were changed and the screens interfered with it (or even inverted) between each pull so that with the hand-finishing each of the 12 prints is absolutely unique. They measure between 30-37cm x 30cm and cost £120 (unframed).

This pop up featured a limited edition screenprint called “The Tamar in Dunterue Wood”. It is hand-printed on hot pressed 100% cotton paper and hand-finished in watercolour and ink so that each individual print is unique. Each of this run of 12 prints is individually numbered and signed. They measure 30-37cm x 30cm unframed. All 12 prints have now been sold.

Tamar dawn I Tamar dawn III Tamar autumn I Tamar mist I Tamar overcast I Bodmin Moor I 30x40 oil on canvas The Cheesewring 1 30x40 oil on canvas Red Tamar 60x40 oil on canvas Bodmin Moor II 30x30 oil on board Bodmin Moor III 30x40 oil on canvas Tamar autumn II